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HMD Labs Experiences Significant Growth Fueled by Industry Demand

Health Tech Up-and-Comer Doubles Team and Exceeds 2021 Customer Goals

August 3, 2021 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) — San Francisco-based HMD Labs, a provider of a complete and fully customizable data platform built to meet the specific needs of intelligent medical device startups, announced today that since its founding in October 2020, the company has nearly reached its customer base projections for their pilot program, expanded its suite of technology, and doubled employee count.HMD Labs, developers of the NeuronSphere™ suite of components, tools and SaaS Services, delivers intelligent medical device startups a comprehensive and cost-effective data architecture platform. Additionally, the company allows startups to implement and license its platform incrementally, ensuring the cost and complexity of their data environment never outpaces their funding stage.

Brian Greene, co-founder and chief technology officer, said the company already filled nearly 75 percent of its projected customer base for their pilot program. He attributes this to HMD Labs’ ability to meet the medical device market’s ever-changing needs.

“The number of FDA-approved medical devices increased by 28 percent between 2019 and 2020,” Greene said. “This growth is expected to continue with the global market for intelligent medical devices projected to reach $612.7 billion by the end of 2021. HMD Labs is fully staged for its next phase of expansion.”

To meet these growing demands, HMD Labs also expanded the company’s capacity by doubling its headcount.

“This significant growth pushed us beyond our original projections, even with COVID-19,” said Kevin Derr, co-founder and CEO. “To meet the increased market interest demands, we’ve accelerated our hiring plan by adding four additional employees to round out our quality, compliance and customer success teams. The addition of these highly skilled experts will help us achieve our goal to fill our pilot program before the end of the year.”

The new team members include:

  • Frank Caron, vice president research & development – a military Veteran with extensive experience in delivering customer value through AI solutions. For the past 27 years, Caron held a number of leadership positions at Stryker. He most recently served as a senior director of delivery for connected care where he led the overall strategy for developing and deploying commercial healthcare solutions on Stryker’s Digital Platform. He also served as a founding member of the company’s Global IoT Leadership Team and led the development and launch of their first commercial IoT application in 2017.
  • Michelle Taub, director of quality & compliance – an accomplished information technology/quality assurance professional with years of progressive experience, serving as a Deployment Manager for Philips and IS Senior Manager, Deployment Lead, R&D and Quality at Stryker. For HMD Labs, she will ensure all solutions adhere to industry regulations and that the company’s quality standards are aligned with regulated systems, especially medical devices.
  • Sam Lurie, lead customer success engineer – an experienced industry engineer, having held a variety of roles at Stryker, including cybersecurity automation lead. At HMD Labs, he will handle the technical aspects to deliver successful customer implementations, working directly with customer engineering teams to ensure their successful implementation and use of NeuronSphere™.
  • Michael Misshore, cloud engineer – an experienced security infrastructure and cloud engineer who has extensive knowledge of automated disaster recovery, who rounds out the engineering team, helping to plan and design cloud applications.
  • Kate Walls, cloud engineer – formally an information technology business analyst for Stryker, who will also join the engineering team, helping to plan and design cloud applications.
  • Adam Stortz, Principle Customer Success Engineer – an experienced industry engineer, who will work directly with customer engineering teams to ensure their successful implementation and use of NeuronSphere™.

Greene explained that “If ‘data is the new oil,’ NeuronSphere™ is your refinery. Intelligent medical device startups share a goal. We turn this goal into new products and clinical value streams.”

HMD Labs provides a purpose-built, turnkey, high-value data analytics platform especially for developers of next-generation medical devices.

“By providing this specialized platform to clients, we help them create foundational data analysis and data visualization capabilities that allow medical device innovators to get to market more quickly. They can allocate more of their limited resources to differentiating features, rather than what has rapidly become the ‘table stakes’ of advanced machine learning and AI for medical data,” Greene said. “The HMD Labs platform-and-toolkit approach frees innovators from these burdens so they can focus on quickly and effectively solving their specific clinical challenges-of-choice.”

About HMD Labs
HMD Labs offers medical device startups a complete, composable data platform purpose-built for their needs. HMD Labs also allows startups to progressively deploy and license its flagship solution, NeuronSphere™, in coordination with their successive rounds of funding.