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HMD Labs announces enhanced data ecosystem for medtech

NeuronSphere™Studio’s unique infrastructure-to-analytics platform is pre-integrated and optimized for modern medical devices

February 9th, 2022  (SAN FRANCISCO, CA)  -- San Francisco-based HMD Labs, a leading developer of technology solutions for medical device firms, today announced the official launch of NeuronSphere™ suite. 

HMD Labs has spent the past 15 months developing a solution in response to the increasing demand for streamlined medical device development. This platform is a complete ecosystem of components, tools, and SaaS services – optimized for intelligent medical device firms, with security and compliance in mind.

“Edge AI/ML in Medical device development is a fast-growing space, as medical devices approved by the FDA increased by 28% between 2019 and 2020. This growth is expected to continue with the global market for intelligent medical devices reaching  734.39 billion in the year 2027. When we get to work early with our clients, we routinely replace over 15 different SaaS point solutions, alleviating that financial and administrative burden for forward thinking firms,” explained Kevin Derr, co-founder and CEO of HMD Labs.


HMD Labs provides a purpose-built, turnkey, high-value data analytics platform especially for next-generation medical device developers. Brian Greene, co-founder and Chief Technology officer, said, “If ‘data is the new oil,’ NeuronSphere™ is your refinery. Intelligent medical device startups share a goal. We turn this goal into new products and clinical value streams.” 

“This specialized platform helps our clients perform foundational data analysis and data visualization so they can get to market more quickly,” Greene said. “They can allocate more of their limited resources to unique device feature development, rather than what has rapidly become the ‘table stakes’ of advanced machine learning and AI. Our platform-and-toolkit approach frees innovators from these burdens so they can focus on quickly solving their specific clinical challenges.” 


NeuronSphere provides the controls, security, and compliance needed for medical device development. In addition, it accelerates value cycles from high-complexity data, optimizing cost and performance by enabling all aspects of a Data Mesh architecture. NeuronSphere streamlines compliance with FDA, GxP, SaMD, GDPR, and global data sovereignty and tenancy demands, while ensuring companies can deliver with agility and maintain ironclad control of the cloud data platform. 

About HMD Labs

HMD Labs creates solutions for tomorrow’s AI/ML enabled medical device companies. Their flagship solution, NeuronSphere™, provides extensible and integrated components that allow medical device companies to glean exponential value from large, complex data sets while adhering to compliance and security requirements. This fully managed ecosystem provides a complete toolkit to expedite research and development, and to bring innovative products to market quickly. For more information about HMD Labs and NeuronSphere™, visit